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Welcome to Kaskaskia College Online Application System

 This system allows users to submit an application to various departments and services using an electronic process. The online application system is convenient and reduces the need to make a special trip to the College. You can complete the application whenever you want and in private. Your information is saved, allowing you to access it at a later time.

To begin, you will need to Create an Account or  Login.  Once you are logged in you will have access to other menu options and several “Forms” choices. Choose the appropriate Form and follow the instructions while completing each tab in the process. If you have any problems, select the “Help” tab.

Click here for Foundation or Institutional Scholarship Applications
The link above will take you to the scholarship portal that holds the Foundation application which allows students to apply for the over 120 different types of scholarships provided by the Kaskaskia College Foundation. The Institutional Scholarship application is the starting point for students interested in or already recruited for a scholarship is Fine Arts, Athletics, Agriculture, Board of Trustees Academic Scholarship or Students in Recruitment Scholarship at Kaskaskia College.